Find Clarity with Clari•Tea's online store.

The next step was to design an online presence that would not only look amazing, but also be easy for the client to capture and manage sales. 

Clari•Tea differentiates itself from other tea retailers by providing its customers with authentic loose-leaf tea from key regions of the world so it was important that the customer was able to sort teas by location and type. This required an extensive organizational system to allow the site users to navigate quickly and find exactly the product they were searching for. Within this system we needed to manage product photography and illustrations that would teach the history and proper preparation of the tea to the users. We approached this in two phases.

Phase 1: Squarespace, Phase 2: Shopify.

“PB+J was able to create a great site for my business. When my operations were getting more complex, they were able to accommodate my wish list and create an online shop that not only looked great, but functioned exactly how I needed it to!”
— Jose Acevedo

Phase 1: Squarespace

Squarespace allowed us to create a beautiful, clean design which was easy for Clari•Tea to manage and track orders. After six months (a little ahead of schedule), Clari•Tea found that their in-person sales were soaring and needed a way to track these orders from one consolidated system...enter Shopify! 

Phase 2: Shopify

What Shopify allowed us to do was build out the same site design with a more robust site architecture and advanced features. The main advantage was consolidating all sales efforts into one platform by integrating the Shopify Point of Sales System. The Shopify POS allowed us to run all online sales and in-person transactions from one master inventory.