The Build: Brand + Website

On day one, Andrew provided us with a gorgeous hand-drawn logo and his ideas for the creative. He has an artistic eye and wanted to be involved in the evolution of his brand.

We jive on collaboration like this, and were happy he did too!

“I knew I wanted the brand to be simple but very modern, bringing in elements from art and architecture. I showed the team examples of what I really liked and we worked from there,” says Andrew. “I know art, but I’m not a web design expert. The team exuded professionalism and were masters of their craft. Beyond that they were great people that were super easy to work with.”

In order to strike the balance between the artisanal-feeling hand-drawn logo and a modernist design, we retained the illustrator who drew the logo to create a few more drawings, like the candlestick and hops. After completing the five labels we got to work on the website. The result was a crisp white uncluttered background overlaid with customized elements like the dark jagged-edge navigation bar and footer. To showcase beers, we created renderings of five beer cans. We made each can clickable so site visitors could click through to immediately learn about that product. We were very careful to deliver a user-friendly experience through thoughtful content structure and organization.