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Do Good’s consulting business was growing quickly through word-of-mouth referrals. The team knew it was time to build a head-turning presence on the web that reflects their philanthropic vision, and we were super excited to take on the challenge.



Filling Big Shoes.

Do Good Business equips individuals spearheading faith-based movements with strategy and mentoring that help them make their dream a reality.

Do Good Business had been operating for ten years when they approached us to create their first ever website. They had worked hard to create a captivating brand and needed an agency who would do it justice digitally. They found us listed on Squarespace as a specialist and knew we were up for the job as soon as they saw our work on the Gilbert & Burke site.

They came to the table with a lot of content, a vibrant palette, imagery and video that needed to be intuitive for visitors to navigate. Based on their process for developing sites for their own clients, the DGB team was most comfortable seeing wireframes as part of the planning stage. They also wanted a matching MailChimp template so email subscribers would have a fluid experience going from email to web page. We had a few tricks up our sleeves and were eager to make digital magic happen!


We Made Good Things Happen.

One of our biggest projects to date, this premium site was jam packed with custom add-ons and expanded process deliverables. As you can imagine, a company that had been running successfully for ten years has a lot of information to share and a lot of work to display. The functionality of the site needed some serious thought as to how the information should be presented in the simplest and clearest way.

We felt it was important to highlight the project work but also the ‘Do-Gooders’ behind the movements. We presented the idea of a ‘Do-Gooders’ page with personal biographies and a ‘Good Work’ page to showcase all their successful projects. These two pages interlink with each other, following the ‘Do-Gooders’ on the journey towards implementing their dream.

In the first stage, Creative Lead Hilary and Designer Lee teamed up with the DGB team to establish a shared vision for the project. Next, we developed the wireframes and design concepts. Each week Drew, the PB+J project lead facilitated a meeting and coordinated feedback and approvals.

To organize the content, we categorized the data into two web pages - About and Services. We found a unique way to display the huge amount of information in a simple fashion, allowing readers to navigate through the website smoothly.

Once the artwork was solidified, it was translated to the Squarespace interface and Josh, one of our developers, got to work on hyper-customized functionality. In addition to a building their robust portfolio, which houses video and image of tons of collateral, we created linking pages for each client, detailing their biography and project. Drew and the team ran quality assurance and browser testing, before launching the domain (and exchanging high fives).

The result is a modern and well-organized website that cleanly displays all you need to know about Do Good Business and it’s Do-Gooders.


It's all good in the end

Do Good Business came to us looking for a way to break into the World Wide Web in style and we provided the sledge hammer. 

Leveraging the existing Do Good brand, we designed a bright, fun (yet clean), modern and professional website. 

Our design and development teams worked closely with the Do Good Business team to translate their look and feel into an extraordinary digital experience, while careful management kept the massive project moving at lightening speed. We launched one of the most brag-worthy Squarespace sites out there in under three months.

We put our running shoes on to go the extra mile creating functionality beyond expectations in order to clearly display all the info and launch a site that seriously stands out.


We believe we can make your brand and website stand out to the world. If you have a great idea and need a great design partner, we're your team.

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