In partnership with Gilbert + Burke, we created a brandmark to personify the fundamental shift in their business strategy and brand identity. 


We based our final mark on the handwriting of Gilbert + Burke.

The Personal Touch

Gilbert + Burke is a home and cottage construction company that came to us to launch their new brand as they themselves were pivoting the core of their business.
They were recreating their business model, changing their name, and redefining their operating market. Having originally catered to a smaller clientele, Gilbert + Burke was moving towards high-end clients, larger projects and needed a sleek, professional brand to reflect that change.

“We could not be happier with PB+J’s involvement in our rebrand, they clearly understood what we needed, and brought a fresh perspective to how we presented ourselves. We struggled with how we’d present the new face of Gilbert + Burke, but PB+J was able to take everything we needed and give us a clean, engaging result.”
— Cathy Burke (VP & CFO of Gilbert + Burke)

In response we developed a logo that would embody this new distinction, but still maintain the values they stand by. As a company that focuses on personable communication and trust between themselves and their clients we developed a signature wordmark to marry the personal touch and sophistication of their work. Based on a conglomerate of the owner’s own handwriting we built the companies signature that would express the handcraft of their projects and the personal touch they bring to the forefront of all their work.

To support the Gilbert + Burke "signature" we also created an ambigram. This ambigram has been crafted with special attention to how the “g” and “b” letter forms create an ambigram of the two partner names.

Ambigram: a word or group of letters that are drawn so the same message can be read when the mark is rotated 180°.

The symmetry of this mark is visually pleasing but more importantly suggests an equal partnership between the two halves—no matter how you look at it.  
(Flip Gilbert + Burke on it’s head and you still have an equal partnership)