We set off with JC Wet Cleaning Services to create a shiny new logo and brand that sets them apart from the everyday cleaning service. With a new website and range of packaging the new look sails above the rest.


Screenshot 2015-01-06 16.07.44.png

Clean, Green and ‘Wrung-Out’.

JC Wet Cleaning Services is a cleaning business dedicated to offering it's customers a 100% environmentally-safe alternative to dry cleaning. All of their cleaning products are not only safe for the environment, but employees and customers. JC Wet Cleaning is striving to be the leader in commercial wet cleaning services, specifically the marine and cruise ship industry. They came to us for an identity that would match that status.

This mark needed to represent their core business, laundry operations on cruise ships, but also needed to represent their brand ethos: a truly and environmentally-friendly alternative to dry cleaning. Because JC Wet Cleaning is such a versatile business their mark needed to be too.

We created a symbol that was "clean and green" - just like the wet cleaning industry, but also had a clear visual tie to the marine industry. Four leaves come together to form the shape of a ship’s propeller. These shapes also create a form that looks very similar to a towel or garment being "wrung-out”, tying the mark back to the cleaning industry.


A Clean Package Redesign 

When re-designing the packaging, JC Wet Cleaning already had a numbering system in place to help clients identify which products to use in the cleaning process. We re-designed their cleaning product labels to compliment the new logo.

Colour coding, large numbers, and the JC logo at the top of each bottle allows no room for mistaking which cleaning solution you're using or who that product came from!

JCWC needed our help framing their ideas to create a versatile message, applicable to two target markets; cruise ships and dry cleaners. We crafted a clear message and fresh brochure as a first point of contact between JCWC and prospective business.