Working with Newton’s Legal we took a traditional practice and gave it a non-traditional presence, creating a modern brand and website for a young and ambitious law firm. 



A New Era

Newton’s Legal is a new up-and-coming law firm with young and eager lawyers who want to make a difference and not just a ‘pretty penny’. Law firms tend to carry a stereotypical, stiff presence and we were tickled to create a brand and website that exhibits the opposite. Newton’s wanted a modern, approachable and non-traditional brand--not as easy as it sounds, but as always, we were excited for the task.

“We think that PB+J did an awesome job. The logo is fantastic and the website just looks great. It’s modern, it’s clean and most important it’s NOT a traditional looking law firm. It’s everything we wanted.”
— Ian Perry (Founding Lawyer at Newton’s Legal)

To bring to life to this modern business, we created a clean logo that used typography with soft edges to encourage approachability while maintaining a strong professional stance.

While creating the Newton's logo we faced a challenge with the apostrophe. It had an awkward feeling, like it didn’t belong. We took the brand to a new level and created a unique icon incorporating the ‘N’ and the apostrophe into the logo itself.