We partnered with thIS mother-daughter team as they entered the saturated flower shop market. We helped them stand out by creating an iconic brand image that visually embodied their rustic yet refined style. 



Inspiration comes from all avenues.

Twine x Twig is the new face of a well respected flower shop.

The new owners are a mother-daughter team with awesome style and a clear vision for their newly acquired flower shop. They approached us shortly after purchasing their flower shop to help them create a brand that reflected their rustic yet refined style, while still retaining the loyal customer base of the previous business.

Part of the PB+J process is learning as much as we can about our client and their business. Twine x Twig is memorable in this process because - unlike most clients that share their target audience, other company’s logos and websites - this duo shared a quote that was near and dear and was the inspiration for their business name. 

The importance of Mary Poppins'  rhyme was obvious, not only was it the inspiration for the flower shop’s name, but it really did embody their personal rustic and refined flower arrangement style. Using this as the inspiration, we set out to develop a mark as unique as their business. 

458903467 copy.jpg

Following Mary Poppin’s lead we gathered simple lines (of twine and twig) into a “bird’s eye view” of a robin’s nest to create a simple and recognizable icon.

We visually tied the nest and company together by deciding to use a simple “x” to represent the word “and” or “&”. The crossing lines compliment the style of the nest while still communicating the name twine AND twig. All of these elements combined create a logo that was clearly inspired by the important quote, but more importantly echoed the elegant, natural style of these florists.

“PB+J created a logo that truly enhanced the natural, yet refined aesthetic we wanted TWINE x TWIG to represent as a brand. We were so happy to receive such positive customer comments about our logo. PB+J were very patient and took the time to carefully consider all our creative thoughts, when constructing our logo.”
— The Marquis (Owners)