It's not a rose...
it's a Ranunculus!

It was clear to us, that this team knew their stuff! We mistook a Ranunculus for an ordinary Rose and were quickly called out. We love working with entrepreneurs who ignore status quo and do things a little differently! Twine x Twig was certainly a great example of that and we needed a way to reflect it. To compliment the strong logo, we paired clean typography and photography of Twine x Twig floral arrangements to give the brand an elegant but rustic presence that reflected the voice of the business. We helped their name gain recognition throughout town by extending their brand into print material, store-front signage and a vehicle wrap. To properly compete in this floral market it was important for Twine x Twig to become a known name in the industry. This happened very quickly! 

Change in the air! 

Right out of the gate a concern of the business was to inform people of the change in direction, from old to new. We needed to create a buzz! We set out to design an elegant set of business collateral for Twine x Twig to create strong brand recognition in all material the shop sends out. We also designed a stamp for Twine x Twig to use during their transition period to let people know there was change in the air!

A set of elegant stickers were also designed so all flower arrangements would be sent out with the Twine x Twig name.

“PB+J assisted the smooth transition to our new flower shop with transitional material to hand out to previous and new customers, this idea was very successful to introduce TWINE x TWIG as a new business. As well the material sparked conversation in our community, and was a great way to begin new and maintain loyal customer relationships.”
— Ali Marquis