We teamed up with Laura to help find the visual voice OF her new business - Wheelhouse. Overcoming the challenges of a start-up we created an engaging brand and online presence sure to start a buzz in thE emerging niche of SPORTS MENTAL PERFORMANCE CONSULTING.




"Do not give me a wheel or a house."

Laura works alongside athletes of all skill levels and sports to improve attitudes, processes, and perspectives that will allow clients to excel in stressful and competitive situations. Ultimately they help athletes perform at a higher level in their sport.

The industry of “Mental Performance Consulting” is relatively new in the field of sports training and our challenge was to help build the visual aesthetics of this new industry that will not only blend seamlessly with current sports industry visuals, but also convey the ethos of Wheelhouse and what they can bring their clients.

We hope that after working with us, clients will be able to put mental performance skills into their wheelhouse. As clients continue to work on mental performance training they will begin to effortlessly and effectively use mental performance skills during competition.

After discussing Wheelhouse MPC with Laura, we learned that the primary goals for the company were to be memorable, and to embody the movement and growth in an athlete’s performance.

These perceptions in conjuncture with the specific instructions "Do not give me a wheel or a house!" led us to create a custom energetically styled “W” letter-mark. This kept the W at the centre of a circular enclosure, this circle representing the movement, work and progression that is needed, mentally as well as physically to improve yourself as an athlete. Having the 'W' at the centre of this process implies that Wheelhouse is an integral part of improving an athlete’s mental performance.

To support the brand direction we extended the brand language to include a series of icons for all of the Wheelhouse services. 

Curated Photography

Together with curated sports photography and carefully crafted phrases to engage passionate athletes we assembled the brand architecture to build a solid client base. We then used these elements to create a strong brand presence for Wheelhouse as it is introduced to potential clients. Our creative team made this happen by extending the brand into engaging print material.

I love that PB&J took my idea and ran with it to create a unique visual identity for my business.
— Laura